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Welcome to the PART
Online Tutorial!

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the tutorial, please contact
the PART office at:


Please complete the tutorial and answer the review questions following each section. The answers are not submitted to our office the tutorial and questions are simply a tool for you to familiarize yourself with common questions you may be asked by prospective students and their families at recruitment events. Remember, we do not expect you to know the answer to everything! You can always refer a prospective student to our website for more information. We do ask that you have some general knowledge of current admissions policies and procedures, as well as current statistics about the university. The online tutorial is updated annually in August, and you may find it helpful to retake it before the start of the new recruitment cycle each fall as a refresher.

The tutorial should take you about 25 minutes to complete. Please enter in your first name, last name, and email at the end of the tutorial to receive an email confirmation.

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